Tonight was the first time I went against the 230 pound goliath from whom I received my rib injury a while back. I think I’ve come a long way in the intervening time. While I didn’t submit him (you try wrapping your legs around a refrigerator!), I think I did a pretty good job keeping him in my guard, and not laying on me (thus re-injuring my ribs). I also went against a blue belt tonight. He was smaller than me, so at least I had that going for me. I was doing pretty well until I tried a sweep from butterfly guard, which I’ve never even formally learned (much less, perfected). He leapt right over to side control, which would not have been my preference. I tried to pull a Ryron Gracie on him and let him pass to north south, while I just chilled. Suffice to say, I’m no Ryron, and he eventually caught me in an arm bar. It did serve as a reminder to me that I need to study the north-south position a bit more before I let a blue belt hold me in it. Of course, I know about the north-south position from Judo (where it is known as kami shiho gatame). I just never really learned to do much more than hold someone down with it, and I certainly don’t recall ever learning a comprehensive strategy for defending against it.

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