Tonight was my first night in the mixed levels class. I was a little worried by the way it started off. Several people were late, so the coach made us all get in a circle, with them in the center. They had to stand there and count while we did 60 burpees. Despite the inauspicious beginning, the rest of the class went much better. The coach asked us which moves we wanted to review for the upcoming phase belt test. I took full advantage of the situation and asked him to show moves that would be fair game for the test, but that I hadn’t yet learned. Sparring went much better today than yesterday. As luck would have it, we had worked on a side control escape during class, of which I was able to make full use during sparring. The difference between getting caught repeatedly in kimuras yesterday, compared to surviving side control today, all boiled down to a few key details regarding arm placement that I had previously missed. The highlight of the class, for me, had to be when I was able to pull off a mount trap and roll escape just like Ryron Gracie had done in his match against Andre Galvao. Ryron deliberately let Andre mount him from side control, just so he could do the trap and roll and get a reversal. I can’t say as though my case was intentional, but it worked just the same. Unfortunately, my partner soon after caught me in an omoplata. When I tried to do the forward roll escape, I ended up rolling into another pair of guys who were sparring next to us. Since the forward roll was not an option, I had no choice but to tap. Oh well. That escape is what made me crank my neck on Thursday anyway, so I was probably better off tapping than doing the roll. On the bright side, that was the only time I got tapped tonight.

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