This was my last regularly scheduled beginner’s class. Starting this week, I’ll be taking the mixed level class three times a week instead. Hopefully, the new schedule will be better for the family. Besides, I believe I have gone all the way through the beginner’s curriculum anyway. Most of the techniques that have been shown in recent classes are ones that I had learned in previous classes. I think my side is just about healed. However, I still tried to take it easy during sparring. Both my partners, on the other hand, had other ideas. Both of them went much harder and faster than I would have preferred. What that means is that I ended up getting my guard passed multiple times in each match. Even though both of them submitted me, it was worth it to me to just patiently try to work on my positional escapes, rather than expending an enormous amount of energy trying to fight for the guard or force my way into a dominant position. In my view, if I have to rely primarily on speed and strength, what’s the point in learning all of these jiu jitsu techniques in the first place?

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