We went right from warm ups to guard passing drills this evening. It’s almost the same as live sparring, so it’s usually reserved for the end of class, but our instructor wanted to watch us first before suggesting moves. I didn’t pass the guard of either person that I worked with. However, I did pull off a violator closed guard break on the first guy. That’s where you plant your feet on the ground, stick your knee under the person’s tail bone while their legs are wrapped around you, and sit back. If you do it right, the person should feel violated, hence the name. Anyway, I was so surprised it actually worked, that I paused briefly, which allowed the other guy to entangle my legs and sweep me to my back. We even drilled going straight from the violator to a knee cut pass on Sunday, but I was like a deer in the head lights for a second. Oh well. I lasted longer against the second guy. I even almost took his back. Unfortunately, I was running out of steam toward the end, and didn’t want to unnecessarily strain my side, so I let him roll me. If it weren’t for my injury, I might have tried to hang in for longer, but I didn’t want to overdo it. Recently, I’ve noticed that almost all of the techniques that are being taught in the beginner classes are ones I’ve learned in previous classes. I’m actually glad for that. It gives me an opportunity to really work on these basic moves until I can do them without thinking about it.

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