This was my first BJJ class after the four day Judo bootcamp (2 hours per day). I actually came through the bootcamp relatively unscathed, all things considered. One guy broke his big toe, another messed up two fingers (probably from a bad fall), one guy got a cut above his eye (I think his partner accidentally landed on him). The worst I can say is that one of my partners kicked me in the shin when attempting a throw, which hurt for a day, but is fine now. Anyway, the four days was fun, but was a reminder that I made the right choice in choosing BJJ over Judo at this stage of my life. Taking Judo falls on a regular basis is much rougher than BJJ, which places a heavier emphasis on ground work than Judo. Here’s the part the sucks. I woke up this morning with an awful neck creak, that had nothing to do with the four days of Judo. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, if I twist my neck the wrong way when getting out of bed, it throws my neck out of whack for the rest of the day. I still went to BJJ practice this morning (sometimes, the workouts loosen the muscles, which makes me feel better), but I tried to take it really easy. I thought the first sparring session went well. I went against a bigger guy, but didn’t get banged up too badly. I even managed to pull off two moves that I had learned from the online training videos available to school members. I wasn’t sure I could pull them off in live sparring, since I had never practiced the moves, but both worked out just fine. My only complaint is that I think he must have smashed my ribs at one point when he had me in side control. My right side is a bit tender now, but I don’t think anything is broken. The next guy I went against was a little skinny guy. I didn’t think he would be much of a problem, but between him and my sore neck, he gave me fits. He submitted me once from mount with an arm triangle, and a second time with a normal triangle. On the bright side, I almost had him in a back choke before the match ended. In sum, after five straight days of training, I’m bruised and battered, but not beaten. However, I am glad there won’t be a class on Tuesday. I can definitely use the time to recover.

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