I tried to focus a lot more today on incorporating leg movement into my guard defense from bottom. This seemed to help free up my arms to defend against collar submissions, a problem I encountered in the previous class. My partner still managed to pass my guard, but I quickly recovered, and even was able to get a reversal. However, once in his guard, the best I could do was to keep him at bay, as he was a bit bigger than me, and half my age. I tried to do a standing pass at one point, but I’m still a bit too tentative with that move, so I gave up on the attempt. I did pretty well right up until the end, when he swept me and took my back. I thought I was doing the proper defense by trying to get both my shoulder blades to the ground, but I think I tried to escape to the wrong side. With 10 seconds to go, he powered me into a bow and arrow choke, giving me a nice chiropractic adjustment. I’ll probably have a sore neck for the next few days. On a positive note, I think I’m starting to feel more confident in using more of my old Judo ground fighting sensibilities. Some of it still comes in handy, particularly the stuff that doesn’t require speed or strength.

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