Class 10, and still no gi (uniform)! We ordered them on the first day we signed up, but I’m guessing the holidays have slowed things up. I’m hoping they will arrive this week. It’s becoming a bit of a running joke at class. We were doing sprints down the mats during warmups. I was doing fine until the third or fourth pass. In slowing down my sprint, I didn’t pick up my left foot high enough, and I caught my big toe on the mat. That hurt! I don’t think anything’s permanently bent out of shape, but that made getting through the rest of class less fun than it could have been. On the bright side, I’m becoming more confident in going for the back during sparring. This was something that I did all the time during my Judo days, but I’ve been slow to try it on my fellow BJJ classmates. I wanted to wait until I became more familiar with the BJJ way of doing things. I was able to pull it off on at least one other white belt (caught him in a rear naked choke). However, the brown belt still has way too many tricks in his arsenal for me to pull it off against him. He simply reversed me into side control. I’m looking forward to getting to the point where the rust on my Judo newaza (ground fighting) wears off, so that I can see more clearly where BJJ can help my ground game go to the next level. Even after only 10 classes, I’m already seeing the benefits of BJJ’s superior emphasis on positional awareness.

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