I survived class better today. I got reversed into side control, but unlike last time, I managed to post my forearm under my partner’s neck, so that he couldn’t put all his weight on my pectoral muscles and crush me. After class, the instructor was nice enough to go over a few extra side control escapes that hadn’t been covered in class. I occasionally like to watch the Gracie breakdown videos on Youtube. In one of them, Rener Gracie explains how UFC Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre was able to transition from open guard (foot on hip) to “3/4 guard” in order to get to half guard (or side control) in his recent comeback fight against Carlos Condit in UFC154. I was able to borrow that idea today to get to full side control against another white belt. It works! Former UFC Welterweight champ Matt Hughes favors a similar technique for guard passing, since it neutralizes triangle attacks. I can see why they both like it so much.

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