Tonight was a little nerve-racking at first, but it all seemed to work out in the end. Thomas’ 6:15pm “Little Ninjas” class ran for 45 minutes, but my BJJ class started at 6:35pm and ran for an hour. That meant that Thomas would have to entertain himself for 35 minutes until my class ended. I brought his iPhone with us so that he could play with that, but I was a little worried that he wouldn’t be able to find me after his class ended. Fortunately, my class was on the mats next to the octagon where his class was held, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. He just sat on the chairs next to the mats, and waited for my class to finish. He’s such a good boy :) Sorry to brag about my kid… Thomas thought I won my matches, but the truth is that I am now using the heating pad to loosen up my pectoral muscles, because a rather large thirty year old got me into side control and laid on my chest. I was proud of myself for weathering the storm, but somehow, in my attempt to reestablish guard, he managed to take my back (that’s not good). I have to try and think back and analyze what I did wrong there. I think I just got too impatient, and rolled into him too far. I think if I would have continued to work for half guard, rather than rolling to my knees, he would not have been able to take my back so easily.

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