I’m still experimenting with developing my new approach to martial arts. I’m thinking of calling it “senior citizen” jiu jitsu. The idea is to stay healthy and fit for as long as I can, while developing a solid defense that does not require the use of too much strength or energy. This will eventually annoy or tire my opponents, assuming they are determined to press forward with their attack, causing them to make a mistake that I can capitalize on. For example, tonight, I was in the closed guard of my sparring partner, trying to get to side control. Unfortunately, he had his legs clamped around me so tightly, that I couldn’t budge his legs at all. Instead of trying to force his legs open, I simply played hand defense (not letting him get a hold of my wrists so that he could more easily work for a submission). He eventually grew bored and impatient, and opened his guard to make a move. That gave me just the opening I needed to blast past his guard. Unfortunately, he was able to scramble and reverse me, getting me into side control, instead of me him. However, he was so busy powering me into side control, he didn’t realize (until it was too late) that I had wrapped his gi tail around his neck :) I love gi tail attacks. For someone like me, with not much strength (compared to these younger guys), it’s like the great equalizer. Plus, I’m pretty sure I could use the same tactic with a regular shirt tail or t-shirt bottom, which would make it very applicable to a self defense scenario. In short, I can still kick and punch with reasonable effectiveness against an untrained attacker (I think), but who knows how long that will last? Will I still be an effective kicker in my 60’s? 70’s? Realistically, I need to prepare a workable strategy to deal with a younger, bigger, stronger attacker (say a mugger, who wants to steal my wallet or iphone) who knocks me to the ground (or tackles me) and starts to pummel me until I stop resisting. BJJ is perfect for defending against an attack like that.

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