Took my second BJJ class today. My first obstacle is to improve my endurance. I managed to get a submission against the white belt I was working with, but only because it probably wasn’t a move to which he was accustomed (it was kesa gatame, for you judo fans. That used to be one of my signature moves). But, then I gassed out in the second round, and he was easily able to get mount position. I was too tired to even care at that point. He complimented me on how strong I was, but I felt every bit my age. On the bright side, I did manage to successfully get a knee cut pass to side control (one of the techniques we learned in class) against a 39 year old with six months experience. I also managed to get a guillotine on him from guard, which was a technique we did in my first class, but I let go of it, because the angle wasn’t quite right. I hadn’t expected to spar so soon, but at least I didn’t get tapped by a white belt. That would have been a tough pill to swallow, but maybe I need tough love anyway. Barely surviving against a white belt is not exactly something to boast about on Facebook.

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