“If you call one wolf, you invite the pack” by Gerardo Trevino

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By Gerardo Trevino – The Boston International Open was the most fun and dramatic BJJ tournament I have ever competed at. The week before this tournament tension was already in the air when Mrs.Cathy told Matt Rihani and Jon Connelly that they would have to be my chaperones. After a couple of minutes of me pleading them to let me room with them they finally caved in and the beginning of the Wolf Pack started.

Ms. Cathy told this guy he had to be my chaperone, but Matt ended up being a great Pack leader.

Ms. Cathy told this guy he had to be my chaperone, but Matt ended up being a great Pack leader.

The day before the competition began, the Wolf Pack met to car pool to the airport so we could arrive “fashionably late” and meet the remaining competitors in Boston. Once we arrived at Boston, Connelly called a shuttle to come pick us up where we met the best shuttle driver ever. He was so good that we tipped him eight bucks. As we ventured into the hotel, we were told that check-in was at three so we would have to wait 2 hours but somehow Rihani sweet talked the lady into just giving us our room keys which surprised me because i didn’t even know Rihani talked to girls.

For the next 5 hours, every competitor just relaxed in their rooms but my Wolf Pack needed to get some air before they killed me, so then Wolf Pack of three met up with Terri [“Tarie Miles” Ed.]  and Kellog to go to a place called Cosmic Bowling. Aung La and the others were nowhere to be found so my Wolf Pack of now five ventured into this place called Cosmic Bowling. I got myself a pretty good pre-day workout playing a game called Dance Dance while my Pack played some shooting games. After about 30 dances later I needed to get some sleep because I knew I was in the Big Dog division now which brings us to competition day.

Another one of my wolf pack and one of my chaperones assigned by Ms. Cathy, Jon Connelly.

At the competition, my Wolf Pack grew to 7 with Aung La and Russo joining in. The day started off with my right hand man Connelly taking bronze. He fought his way throw 37 other competitors to place. Growing off of Connelly’s solid performance, Rihani was up, and he sure ate his Wheaties today. He demolishes everyone in his division before I could even come watch him compete but just to mess with him, I told him he got lucky which filled him with some type of fire for his later matches in the Open division. After Rihani’s “lucky” performance was the most loved man in Burma, Aung La the Burmese Python. Aung La was in his groove today and especially after he beat his opponent about 36 to 2. Coming off that incredible win, he won his next two matches and almost won in the finals leaving him with a Silver medal.

Now I know everyone reading this is thinking, what about the incredible, charming, good looking narrator? Which is where I come in. As they called my name to weigh in my opponent came up to me and told me “good luck” and then took off his sauna suite and barely made weight. Myself on the other hand weighed in with my shoes on and my bag full of gatorades and somehow I ended up six pounds under. My only thought was that my opponent is on roids, but at that same time, Black Belt DJ Jackson just won his match and came up too me all pumped up and told me to go get him. When a Black Belt tells you to do something you go and do it so long story short I won by 6.

Up next was Russo who won easily, getting himself a Gold.  Terri who went into bezerk-mode and ended up placing second and the mighty Kellogg who had some tough matches with flying armbars and other craziness took Silver.

I was proud to fight alongside Terri Miles who took Silver in his division.

Finally came the Open. Unfortunately, I was warming up so I was not able to see anyone’s matches. Later on I found out that Rihani and Aung La took bronze. Then came my match which was one of the last somehow, and I would have to have a rematch with the kid on roids. The kids teammates practically filled the entire stands and were cheering for him giving him some powers. But I smelled blood from our last match and then I knew it was time to hunt one last time. I was in a daze during our match because I realized that this kid was weak and as Bane did to Batman in the beginning of the movie I broke this kid and since this isn’t a movie the kid never emerged from being broken as I beat him by one extra point *TEAM BANE” as Timmy would say if he was there.

Matt Rihani made us all vow that we would always be part of his wolf pack. After all, we had all medaled here together. Awoo!

After the Wolf Pack took some pictures of our medals, we went out to eat and everyone ate at least 10lbs of food. Finally it was that dreaded moment when we had to part our ways so I put my hand out and slowly one by one my Wolf Pack members put their hands on top of mine and we all said “Awooooo”. During that same time in Atlanta, multiple wolf’s howl’s were echoed through the night sending chills down Alliance’s spine. The wolf pack is hunting again.

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