Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Dan Simmler, visits Crazy 88

Renzo Gracie black belt, Dan Simmler, stopped by Crazy 88 this past week after being in town for a business meeting in D.C. For those who don’t know Dan, he owns an Academy in Worcester, MA and is good friends with Crazy 88. It is always great to have him at the gym, as he is a very accomplished black belt competitor. Despite being a visiting Black Belt, Dan trained with the team as if he were just a regular time. He was very gracious with his time and helped a few of the white belts work on their closed guard breaks.

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Also, Dan had introduced the 2012 judo Olympic athlete, Nick Delpopolo, to the team. Ever since then, Nick has become great friends and has had 3 amazing seminars in the past.

If you have not been to one of the fantastic seminars by either Dan or Nick, do not worry! Dan will be visiting soon to put on another technique-filled seminar. As for Nick, he will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics at the end of July, so tune in to watch him use the same moves that he has shown us! After the Olympics are over, however, Nick will be back at the academy shortly after he gets back from London. So, stay on the look out for the next couple of months will be packed with awesome techniques that have been used all over the world in not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but also the highest level of Judo! Thanks Dan Simmler for the great visit and we cannot wait until you get back!

I learned so much from Dan, I can’t wait for his upcoming seminar!

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Crazy 88 runs Mixed Martial Arts training centers throughout the Baltimore area. They focus on Combat Sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Wrestling for both Adults and Children, Beginners to Pros.

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