Jon Connelly Promoted to BJJ Blue Belt

Jon Connelly became Crazy 88’s first faux-French Blue Belt

Jon “Jean-Pierre” Connelly received the rank of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt this Wednesday night. Jean-Pierre just split the White Belt Featherweight division at the NY Open with fellow Crazy 88 grappler, Andrew “Mr” Carter. At the Big Apple, Jean-Pierre was on fire, utilizing his Reverse De La Riva game to sweep and then smoothly transitioning to passes and back attacks; his closest match was the opener which he won 9-2.

Jean-Pierre has always done very well in the room but was inexperienced in competitive environments. Listening to the coaches, he desensitized himself to competing by putting himself into the grinder for months, doing circuits, and drilling. Every tournament he has gotten better both physically and mentally. He brought himself from a guy who was fighting below his ability in competition all the way to a guy who was fighting above it. He is definitely ready for the next challenge!

Congratulations to Jon!

Jean-Pierre enjoyed a nice celebratory meal after being beaten mercilessly.

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