2012 Chicago Winter Open of Jiu Jitsu Results

Alas, poor Elysian! I knew him, Horatio, a hotel of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sent a small squad (1 Purple Belt, 3 Blue Belts, and 3 White Belts) to the Chicago Winter Open of BJJ. The medal count ended up being 2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 4 Bronze. Scroll down to see how each individual performed.

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Tye Ryan was the sole Purple Belt representative for Team Lloyd Irvin in Chicago!

Tye Ryan Murphy returns to the Middleweight division and wins Gold with two convincing victories.  Tye finished his first opponent from Cascao Jiu-Jitsu with a choke from the back triangle and then faced Tyler Bishop from Gracie Humaita in the finals.  Tye passed the guard 3x and took the other finalist down to take Gold at Purple Belt Middleweight (11-0 final score).  Congratulations to Tye.

The first match of the Purple Belt Open would be a rematch of the finals that just happened. This time, Tye won the match 6-0. Tye Ryan then finished his next opponent with the banara choke (still trying to decipher what this actually is) and entered the medal rounds of the Open. Tye ended up losing in the Semifinals and ended up with a Bronze medal.

Travis Outten is on the first page of the 2 page Blue Belt Feather division.

Travis Outten triangle choked his first opponent (Pedro Vianna) in approximately 90 seconds and then finished his second opponent (Carlson Gracie) with a bow and arrow from the back.  In the Quarterfinals, Travis’ conditioning caught up with him and he was submitted from the back.  2-1 for the day.

Matt “Jumani” Rihani returns to his hometown. He hasn’t competed here since he took 2nd as a White Belt 2 years ago!

Matt “Rihanna” Rihani hip tossed his first opponent (Carlson Gracie) to side mount and finishes kimora. Less than a minute. Slight work. In the Sweet 16 round, Rihanna got up into double-digits on the scoreboard before finishing via armlock.  The fury was unsubsidized in the Quarterfinals as Rihanna again hit double-digits but finished this time with a Kimura.  In the Semifinals, Matt edged out a tough grappler with a judges decision to earn a berth in the finals vs. Joel Haddon (Gracie Elite).  Haddon is a seasoned grappler who has been competing all over the world so this would be a good test for Rihanna who had been focusing on MMA for the last quarter of 2011.  The match ended 2-0 (0-2) with Rihanna up on advantage but getting swept in the last few seconds.  Still a good gi comeback for the Chicago native.

The first match of the Blue Belt Open was a close referee’s decision vs. an Ultra Heavy. Rihanna scored in the last ten seconds to tie up and earn the nod from the judges! The tables were turned in the next round however as the match was again tied – but the referee awarded the victory to the other BJJ competitor.

The bitter Swede, Fredrik Thomsen, loves the cold weather so much that he flew to Chicago for more of it – and a little Jiu Jitsu!

Fred Thomsen took time off deploying ipv6 to hit the mats. Fred submitted his first opponent and racked up big points in the following match. He lost his third match to end the day 2-1 but managed to secure a spot in the Open with a Bronze.

Fred’s Open run started off clean as can be – triangle choke submission. He then outpointed his next foe 6-2.

Chris Kim enters his true weight class for the first time – White Belt Light Feather.

Chris “Japanese Emo” Kim does his first weight cut and makes Light Feather (In Miami, he fought Feather and took Silver but weighed in at the Light Feather cutoff). Classic Kim-chi style in his first match as he bread cutter chokes his adversary. Repeat again in the Quarterfinals. Same style but no points in the Semis, just advantages. In the Finals, Chris Kim battled through, sticking to his strengths and won the Chicago Winter Open White Belt Pluma division. Ous!

Tarie Miles will be grappling in the White Belt Heavyweight division!

Tarie Miles went 1-1 for the day. He won a close match on advantages but then lost the following round. He did receive a Bronze medal for his efforts and more importantly, experience to build upon for later tournaments.

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