Crazy 88 BJJ Results from Philadelphia Naga Grappling Championships

The first fights of the day were the kids. Crazy 88’s very own Vanessa Griffin decided to make the drive up to Philadelphia and compete for the very first time. In a small bracket, Vannessa only had one fight, but went out there and made it count. She executed her game plan perfectly as she won by kimura after being up 7-0. This was the first of many gold’s for the young grappler as she looks to compete again in the near future.

Vanessa Griffin won Gold at her first competition.

Later that day, it was time for the adult divisions to start. On the women’s side, we had Lakita Patterson competing in the female blue belt division. Lakita has many of jiu jitsu competitions under her belt, so this was just another day in the office for her. She went out and did exactly how herself and everyone expected and took home the gold.

Lakita won her first Blue Belt competition as a Blue Belt (note: she won a few Blue Belt divisions as a White Belt)

For the men, Crazy 88 had multiple competitors. Jon Connelly was in another packed division and knew that he was going to have multiple matches. This was just the usual to Jon as he has made an appearance at a few jiu jitsu tournaments within the last year. Jon took bronze in this weight class and is ready to fix his mistakes to get ready for the rest of the jiu jitsu competition season. For 88’s blue belts, Devon Delbrugge and Fred Thomsen had to bump up to the purple belt division due to NAGA’s rules for competing in the expert no-gi division. Devon had 3 fights, one of which against the guy who had beat him in the no-gi division earlier that day. Devon pulled off a close win as the match was a sweep for sweep battle. His finals match was a close one as he lost by one advantage from a straight ankle lock. Fred also had multiple fights and one against an opponent whom Fred has fought once before. This match was in the finals of the purple belt cruiserweight division and against a tough opponent that Fred was ready for. For the second time, Fred had beaten his nemesis and took home the gold for crazy 88.

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