Crazy 88 visits Roger Gracie Academy

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The Crazy 88 competition team was in Europe last week for the third year in a row. After the tournament the team usually spends a few days abroad sightseeing in Europe. This time around the team decided they wanted to do a little less sightseeing and more training! The team had a two day stop in London before completing the trip and going back home to Maryland.

Thanks to Roger Gracie Academy for allowing Crazy 88 to get some post-European Open training!

If you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then you probably don’t know that London is home to the sports greatest champion ever – Roger Gracie. Roger has lived in London now for many years teaching and training. He has built up quite an impressive academy and this was a great chance for the Crazy 88 competition team to be able to visit his academy and train with some of his students. The Crazy 88 Europe travel team was 100% home grown from Team Lloyd Irvin. With this being said, most of the guys have never been to a non Team Lloyd Irvin academy. So it was good for some of the guys to be able to go outside of their comfort zone and train in new territory.

Roger is heavy into training MMA training and the other head instructor black belt world champion Lucio Lagarto was fresh off of the European Open competition so they were not teaching the night Crazy 88 visited to train. Roger Gracie Black Belt Alex Faria ran the advanced (Blue Belt and Up) class. The class structure was extremely similar to the way classes run at Crazy 88 so it was easy to focus in on the techniques the guys were learning.

After going over a series of takedowns and some back take variations off of the closed guard kimura the guys got a chance to spar with the everyone at the academy. The rolling session ran for about an hour straight so everyone was able to get in some good ole fashion hard training on their last night in Europe.

Thanks to Roger Gracie and Alex Faria for the good training and welcoming the Crazy 88 BJJ Team with open arms!

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