2012 European BJJ Open – Cathy Tran-Zwanetz Wins Gold!

The literal road to the European Championship

Day Two of the European Championships would involve the Blue Belt Females as well as the Team Lloyd Irvin Purple Squad. The Blue Belt females would consist of only two competitors – Cathy Tran-Zwanetz (Crazy 88) and Katy Torralbas (Third Law). The Purple Belt squad was larger – Keenan Cornelius and Sijara Eubanks from Camp Springs and Brad Pearson, Jon Delbrugge, and Timmy Spriggs from Crazy 88, and Kenny Brown (Evolve).

Great shot of Purple Belt Jon Delbrugge.

Jon Delbrugge was the first Purple Belt up. He dominated his first opponent on points before falling prey to an armlock in the following round. A disappointing loss for the experienced grappler but nothing that will deter him from his Jiu Jitsu goals.

Brad Pearson also went 1-1, finishing his first opponent with a Brabo choke before coming out on the wrong end of a 0-0 (1-1) judges decision. Brad had a few opportunities where he could have been more aggressive. For the new Brazilian JiuJitsu competitors, remember that our philosophy is that it is always your fault so Brad will fix his mistakes and come back better for the next competition.

Purple Belt Medium Heavy division.

1-1 seemed to be the theme of the day as Timmy battled through the first round, scoring 7 advantages but 0 points against his first adversary. In the next round, Timmy hit the takedown series that he has been drilling, taking half-back on his opponent. His nemesis battled through and managed to slip Timmy off his back. He eventually secured an armbar off a Kimura after a wild scramble.

Tim Spriggs will be going for back-to-back European titles

In Kenny’s own’s words…

My first match was against Ruben Fonseca. I had no information on him other than the fact that he won silver as a blue belt last year in Europe. So the primary thought was just to impose the game, and that’s what I did. It all ended with a bow and arrow choke, but it was a tough match, and he had some awesome grip strength.

Next up, I went against Rochson Borghetti. We had an old history. He defeated me as a blue belt at the Worlds in 2010. So I had a good understanding of how he played, and he didn’t surprise me. I knew he was strong, I knew how he liked to apply pressure, and I knew what grips he liked, but it was still tough. It ended on points, 4-0.

Into the semi-finals I went, and there was Yahya Mansour. Again, I tried to impose my game. It was going well until I perceived a threat and ignored it. I underestimated the position that I was in and made the wrong decision about how to respond to it. I ended up getting armbarred particularly bad as a result. It was a costly lesson, but I don’t forget much.

Now the woman of the hour- Cathy Tran-Zwanetz. Cathy has been one of our most consistent competitors and it showed as she tore her way through the competition. Her first two matches were classic “Ms. Cathy” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches, she passed the guard, mounted, and finished with Ezekielle choke. The next two matches would be 7-0. The Finals victory over returning champion Outi Jarvileto (Brasa) was the finale that we wanted and the perfect way to end the Championship.

Congratulations to Ms. Cathy (1 Grand Slam down, 3 to go).

2012 European Open of BJJ – Cathy

Outstanding performances were also turned in by Camp Springs’ Keenan Cornelius who Double Gold’ed, winning the Purple Belt Middleweight and the Purple Belt Open; Camp Springs’ Sijara Eubanks who Double Silver’ed in the Female Purple Belt; and Katy Torralbas who took Silver at Female Blue Belt.

Katy Torralbas enjoys an acai while waiting to collect her Silver medal in the Female Blue Belt Feather division.

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