2012 European Jiu Jitsu Championships – Day 1 Results

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Looks aren’t everything – the venue for the 2012 European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships.

The first day of the 2012 European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships was today.  Getting the ball rolling would be Crazy 88 BJJ’s Devon Delbrugge at Blue Belt Lightweight (<167 lbs) and Third Law BJJ’s Joey Ruggiero at Blue Belt Middleweight (<181 lbs).

Ten mats of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu action to start off the season!

Devon Delbrugge went 3-1 for the day, winning the page but coming up short in the quarterfinals.  Devon scored first, sweeping his opponent from the 50/50 after fighting through a tough cross-choke attempt.   On the reset, Devon’s opponent jumped over the pull, ending up in the mount – Devon quickly reversed but ended up out of position in the closed guard where he fell victim to a hasty armbar.  Still a strong Grand Slam debut from the young grappler!

Devon Delbrugge aka “Super Cutie Pie” has the standard enormous Lightweight bracket!


Competitors warming up in the infamous bullpen.

Later in the day, Eric Desmarais from Paramount BJJ would be  up in the Blue Belt Medium Heavy division.  Eric dominated the first match, winning 11-0, controlling from both the guard and the top.  Eric lost on a guard pass and back take in the next round.

Eric Desmarais needs to win 3 matches to make it to the dance (the medal rounds).

World traveler, “Big Sal” Washington would close out the day in the Blue Belt Ultra Heavyweight division.  He fell back early 5-0 and was unable to pass his opponent’s half guard in time.

Bracket size and human size are inversely proportional. Only one page of 16 grapplers for Big Sal.

Joey Ruggiero from Third Law also performed well, defeating three opponents before losing 6-4 in a sweep for sweep battle.

Tomorrow the Purple Belts and Female Blue Belts are up!  Cathy Tran-Zwanetz and Katy Torralbas hit the mats at 9 AM (4 AM Eastern time) followed by all our Purples at 10:30 AM.  They are getting a final workout in tonight and everyone’s weight is on point.

Katy Torralbas heads into the venue while Tim Spriggs and Big Sal argue with the taxi driver.

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