Katie Oliphant Joins the Ranks of the Crazy 88 Colored Belts…

Katie earned the rank of BJJ Blue Belt and the trademark "Cebula-pose".

Katie earned the rank of BJJ Blue Belt and the trademark “Cebula-pose”.

Katie Oliphant was recently promoted to the rank of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt.  Katie started training at Crazy 88 back in June of 2010.  She started off trying out both Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai before finding that her passion was for the ground game. In the early part of her training, her focus was more based around being more active, and also learning a realistic and practical way to defend herself. After a short time she realized she enjoyed the training, and the challenge of learning all the nuances of Jiu Jitsu. During certain drills and in sparring she would show flashes of natural talent.

Katie also battled through two foot injuries that kept her from training the way she wanted, but came off both injuries fired up to get back in the process despite losing almost six months.  It is very difficult for a casual student to make it through these kind of setbacks (especially injuries) and the fact that Katie persevered through them was a sign that she was serious about her martial arts training.

Katie has gone on to place at Silver in the New York Open, a prestigious feat. And just before her promotion, Katie took 1st at the last 3 NAGA tournaments she competed in, winning NAGA NJ, NAGA Maryland, and NAGA Virginia.  Katie was very determined to become a blue belt, and Crazy 88 Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor Julius Park felt it was time for her to hold that rank, and compete at the next level.

Katie's nickname is "The Baroness".

Katie’s nickname is “The Baroness”.

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