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On Friday, November 18th the Crazy 88 team assembled in New Jersey to support Coach Aung La in his last fight of the 2011 year. Atlantic City is home to the Tropicana Resort and Casino which hosts Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat series. These fights showcase the talents of MMA fighters at the professional level and often serve as a stepping stone in the advancement in the careers of their fighters. Fighters come from various parts of the country to compete in this event with many alumni of this series currently fighting in the UFC.

As with any fight of this caliber, the fight begins long before and behind the scenes. In the weeks prior, Aung La was on a strict regiment of hard training and following a clean, no carb diet. Weeks of such an intensive fight camp leads into the night of weigh-ins. Accompanied by Coach Jason, the two made their way to Atlantic City on the Thursday morning prior to fight night. After arriving it is the time of weigh-ins. As with any competitor at 88, reaching fight weight is a top priority. Considering the hard work he has put in and how he follows his diet accordingly, Aung La weighed in at his fight weight with no problem. True to form, weigh-ins are always followed by a substantial meal which for Aung La can always be expected to consist of lots of brown rice and bread.

Aung La gets a feel for the ring prior to the fight

Aung La gets a feel for the ring prior to the fight

It was 8:30 pm and marked the time for the night of fights to being. Aung La’s fight was a considerable way into the evening which gave the spectators from 88 more than ample time to await the announcement of their coach’s name. The preparation for Aung La’s fight began behind the scenes where he had his hands wrapped and he began getting properly warmed up. When the time finally came he was called to the ring and the bell rung which marked the start of his fight against his Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt opponent.

Drew Puzon, a Ricardo Almeida Black Belt, was Aungla's Opponent.

Drew Puzon, a Ricardo Almeida Black Belt, was Aungla’s Opponent.

As the fight began it was obvious that both fighters were physically strong yet they had two very different approaches. With a strong background in Muay Thai, Aung La wanted to keep the fight on his feet while his opponent preferred to keep the fight on the ground. All three rounds were close and left the team sitting on the edges of their seats. Punches and kicks were exchanged while take downs and sweeps were also executed. Aung La finished strong by throwing several strong knees to his opponent prior to the last bell. The judges tallied their votes and from the amount of time it took the audience knew it was going to be a close call. The decision was announced in favor of Aung La’s opponent. two rounds to one.

Despite his loss, Aung La will continue to grow as a fighter. As with any fighter they know the importance of understanding their strengths as well as their weaknesses. The grind will continue and improvements will be made to ensure future successes for Aung La. We look forward to seeing his improvements and what he will bring to his next fight.

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