Onslaught Fights Carnage Results – Crazy 88 goes 2-0

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While half the team was causing trouble out on the West Coast at the American Nationals of BJJ, the other half was headed to the Sportsplex in Virginia for the Onslaught Fights Carnage.  Onslaught Fights is an amateur MMA promotion run by Terry Linton that Crazy 88 has been participating in since the last show when Jon Delbrugge and Alfonso “Big Sal” Washington were both victorious.

This time it would be Jon Delbrugge (3-0 amateur) facing off against Jason Harmon (6-4 amateur) and Matt Rihani AKA Jumani making his debut vs. Andres Salazar (0-1).  Since the World BJJ Championships in June, half the regular competitors have switched over to MMA for the later half of the year rather than do the big No Gi competitions and Rihani was the first of new crop.

Crazy 88 BJJ invades Virginia for Onslaught Fights Carnage. Both Crazy 88 fighters won their MMA fights in dominating fashion.

Crazy 88 BJJ invades Virginia for Onslaught Fights Carnage. Both Crazy 88 fighters won their MMA fights in dominating fashion.

The level of professionalism in the preparation was evident as both fighters had gameplanned out their opponents perfectly.  Jon landed the overhand right that he had been drilling, knocking his opponent down in a daze.  He pounced on him, landing hard shots before getting locked up in the closed guard.  Of course, Jon is no slouch on the ground and he knee-cut easily to a dominant position and began landing strikes. His opponent made the classic mistake of turning to the knees to avoid the blows and Jon finished him with a rear naked choke.  To his credit, Jon’s opponent never tapped and fought out of the hold until he passed out.


Jumani was next up. Jumani was somewhat coerced into doing the fight in the traditional Crazy 88 coaching style.

JULIUS: “Hey, have you ever thought about doing an amateur MMA fight?”
RIHANI: “Yeah maybe in the future.”
JULIUS: “Cool. You’re fighting in September.”
RIHANI: *makes face that baby makes when dirtying diaper*


Despite this reluctance, Jumani embraced the training wholeheartedly and invited the entire 3rd floor of his office to the fight!?! The fight was short. Jumani tagged his opponent at the start, causing his opponent to try to shoot. Jumani countered with a hard double-leg of his own, picking up and slamming his opponent and passing right to side mount. During a scramble when it looked like his opponent would bridge him over, the Crazy 88 fighter caught a nice armbar. The entire fight was less than 30 seconds!

Jumani is now the baddest man running the network server at his job and has had to fend off multiple female coworkers who want him to watch True Blood with them.

Another good night for Crazy 88 MMA program which has gone 5-0 this season. We have even more people, with solid BJJ and Muay Thai background, getting into the amateur scene soon so keep an eye out!


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