Another Copa Nova Tournament in the Books

This weekend a few members from Crazy 88 headed down to compete at the Copa Nova BJJ tournament in Ashburn, Virginia.   Competing in the tournament were Jeff Mueller, Wrestler Nick, Big Sal, Brad Pearson and Matt Rihani tagging along for the ride.  This tournament they were offering a prize for the winner blue, purple, and brown absolute victors.

First up was Big Sal who competed in the No-Gi Advanced division.  His first match was lost on advantages.  Next Big Sal had the advance absolute beating his first opponent by points and then split gold with Keenan from camp springs after beating his opponent.

Next up was Jeff Mueller who took hard fought silver in the adult blue belt lightweight division. His first match against someone from 50/50. He got taken down, scored 2 points off an X-guard sweep, ended up standing during a scramble and went out of bounds. Restarted from the feet, pulled closed guard and eventually scored another sweep from half guard. Opponent got Jeff in a triangle and he rode it out for the remaining 40 seconds. Final score 4-2.

Second match against a wrestler from Saulo’s. Jeff pulled closed guard and spent the whole match working overhook guard offense to no avail.

Opponent just played defense the whole match and he couldn’t pull the trigger on the Roger Sweep he kept looking for. Opponent managed to clear Jeff’s guard finally and ended up in his half guard looking trying tos ecure a hail Mary choke in last 30 seconds. Jeff Won by ref’s decision with a 0-0 score.

Third match against a wrestler from Kentucky. Because of being taken down in the first match made Jeff pulled the trigger to early on his guard-pull and ended up in half-guard. Played defensive guard (half, DLR and inverted) trying to get back to closed guard the whole match. Score was 0-0 with 30 seconds left and he manages a half-guard pass with a brabo choke and tapped Jeff out.

Next up was wrestler nick in No Gi-Intermediate.

He had 3 matches, 1st match, won 4-0(two takedowns), 2nd match, won 4-0(two takedowns), 3rd match, lost 2-0(takedown on me) stuck in half guard- 2nd place

In the gi Nick had 2 matches, 1st match, won 3-0(side control, worked for kimura/breadcutter, ran out of time), 2nd match-nick was up on advantages got triangled.

Big sal competed in the Master Gi absolute and won both matches via points. In his weight class he placed silver winning the first match via Ezekiel choke and the 2nd lost on points.

For the purple Belts Brad Pearson was up next. His opponent in the Gi was injured so he won by default with no matches.

To finish the day the team moved to the absolute division.

Purple belt Brad Pearson was up first and won his first match with rear naked choke. His second match he won 3-0. His last match was against team mate from camp springs Keenan in which he ended up loosing in the semi-finals. All the placers for the purple belt absolute were all from Team Lloyd Irvin with DJ taking first, Keenan second and Kenny Brown and Brad Pearson taking third.

Wrestler nick lost the first match on 0-1 on advantages

Jeff had one match as well. His first match was against a pretty hefty guy from an unknown school. He pulled closed guard and the first 4 minutes was grip fighting and him trying to pass and Jeff trying to sweep. Score was 0-0 with 30 seconds left and he slapped a ridiculously tight ezekiel on Jeff from inside his half-guard submitting Jeff.

Big Sal was the lone soldier left in the finals and had 5 matches to reach gold. The first 4 matches were all won by points while executing the deep half guard game plan. In the finals he fought a tough opponent who has has faced many times at other tournaments such as the NY Open, Pan Ams, and Abu Dhabi trials. The match went down to the wire down to the end with Big sal up and advantage and hitting a sweep at the end of the match to claim the victory and the Prize being offered for the Worlds….

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