Crazy 88 Adults – NAGA Worlds Results


This past Saturday and Sunday NAGA held it’s annual NAGA World Championship event in Morristown, NJ. It was a two day event with the adults fighting on Saturday and the kids fighting on Sunday. Crazy 88 BJJ sent a very small adult squad up on Saturday.

Fred Thompson headed up the group with the most experience. Fred went up to Jersey to get a few extra matches in before the IBJJF Worlds next month.

We sent two adult white belts, Daniel Ledesma & Andrew Carter. They both faught very hard. Daniel was fighting for the first time and for Andrew it was his second competition. Although they did not medal they gained valuable experience that will help them in future competitions.

The highlight of the day was Daniel’s son Gerardo Trevino. Trevino, a 16 year old white belt with a little over a half of a year of experience, was also enrolled to fight on Sunday. NAGA, being very paranoid about “Sand-baggers”, made Trevino fight intermediate NO-GI and in the adult blue belt division because he was enrolled in the children’s expert division the following day. In the gi, Trevino defeated two adult blue belts before losing in the finals taking silver in the blue belt division.

Overall, it was not a bad day considering how small the team was and a lot of valuable experience was gained.

About Crazy 88

Crazy 88 runs Mixed Martial Arts training centers throughout the Baltimore area. They focus on Combat Sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Wrestling for both Adults and Children, Beginners to Pros.

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