Crazy 88 helps Fort Meade soldiers with their Jiu Jitsu

Another instructor and  I (Jon Delbrugge) did a seminar for the Troops at Fort Meade Military Base today. We have a lot of soldiers at the academy so I knew that there would be a nice turnout even if it did start bright and early at 6 am. Sure enough the mat was packed! Evan and I were working with a group of soldiers that were training to complete their entry level program test. We went over a lot of solid techniques, positions and transitions. We also talked to them about the philosophy and different training aspects. This is important for people to understand at an early stage because it will set your thought process up without having to make any crazy rationalizations.I played college football at a high level for a long time and it wasn’t until I started training at Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Julius Park until I started to understand the philosophies of training and progressing. Julius Park is the first coach that broke everything down to me so that I could understand what I needed to do. Anyways, I decided not to just show “cool moves” but also incorporate some of these aspects into the seminar as well.

Crazy 88 Jiu Jitsu supplemented Combatives with the latest grappling techniques!

Crazy 88 Jiu Jitsu supplemented Combatives with the latest grappling techniques!

We started off with a warm up and then got into some take downs and body lock positions. Take downs are a very important part of hand to hand combat so we wanted to expose them to some different types of positions that would be useful to them. Soldiers wear their fatigues (army uniform) when they train. This is almost like a GI. Right away the troops were picking up the techniques. We did a lot of drilling so their bodies would get used to the movements. After going over some of the systems that we use here at crazy 88 we decided to open up for some questions about any technique covered or anything else. A lot of these soldiers were novice level grapplers so they had a lot of question….WHICH IS A GOOD THING! We spent a lot of time on each question making sure everyone got something out of every explanation. At the end of the seminar, the other instructor and I had the pleasure of sparring with the soldiers. I was very pleased to see a lot of soldiers hitting moves they had just learned or fixes to old mistakes they had.

As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, coach and fighter I am very happy to see where the sport is going. The fact that our soldiers are learning grappling is AWESOME! After we bowed out the class we were presented with official certificates of appreciation awards and two coins. It was super cool getting a chance to go on base and train along side our soldiers! I have never even been on Ft. Meade before! On behalf of myself and every one at Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we want to give a big thanks to every single soldier at Ft Meade! Especially Jacob for setting everything up and being such a dedicated soldier and member of Crazy 88. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Crazy 88 was happy to help train America's troops!

Crazy 88 was happy to help train America’s troops!

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