Nick Delpopolo Judo for Jiujitsu seminar at Crazy 88

By January 27, 2011BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, News

2012 Olympic Judo hopeful Nick Delpopolo came to Baltimore to give a Judo for Jiu Jitsu seminar. Nick Delopopolo Judo credentials are impeccable. In 2010, Nick Delopopolo took Gold at the Venezuela World Cup and the El Salvador World Cup along with a Silver at the USA Judo Senior National Championships and a Bronze at the USA World Cup.

Nick Delpopolo taught the Uchimata, Sumi, Switch, and Low Ouchi.  He then went over grip gameplanning with some of our top BJJ competitors.  He went over a half-guard pull focused grip sequence that we can incorporate into our games immediately.  He was very giving with his time and it is clear that Nick Delpopolo Judo is for real.

Thanks to Dan Simmler for setting up this very informative Judo seminar.

Nick Delpopolo throws Ahmed Salmad (IRAQ)

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