Delbrugge defeats Wing @ Rupture Jiu Jitsu Championships

Matt RihaniAdultBeginner???1st
White Belt???3rd
Chris TranTeensNo-Gi Advanced???2nd
Gi Advanced???1st
Alfonso WashingtonAdultNo-Gi Intermediate230+ lbs1st
Blue Belt230+ lbs1st
Blue BeltOpen1st
David ZwanetzAdultAdvanced???1st
Purple Belt???1st

** = split division with teammate.

Accompanied by Ivey League’s MMA‘s Wayne Johnson, Crazy 88 BJJ sent six competitors to the Rupture Northeast Jiu Jitsu Championships in PA.  It was a small competition of ~150 competitors but the team went to support Jon Delbrugge in his superfight vs. Chris Wing.  Jon won 9-2, sweeping his opponent from the half guard 3x and passing his opponent’s guard (video of the match can be found here).  Team Lloyd Irvin won the Team Title and BJJ United’s Jared Weiner defeated De La Riva’s Tony Passos.

Jon's opponent for the grappling superfight, was MMA fighter Chris Wing

Jon’s opponent for the grappling superfight, was MMA fighter Chris Wing

Matt “Jumani” Rihani won the No-Gi Beginner division and went 3-1 in the Gi, taking Bronze there.  This was Matt’s first competition other than the In-House competition a few weeks back.

Chris “Short Round” Tran continued his summer of BJJ with another tournament (he has been competing almost every weekend) and ended up winning a Gold and a Silver.

Big Sal utilized his “B” gameplan to full effect; his record at the end of the day was 8-0.  Big Sal was in full crazy mode, pulling mount and other craziness, but finding a way to win, despite being down 10-0 in some matches.

“Lawyer” Dave had 3 fights, winning all three (including his first Purple Belt gi victory). Being a push-through competition, Dave fell back early in his matches but came back late and was able to secure the finish.

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