Roberto Torralbas takes Bronze at the Rio International Open

Roberto Torralbas took Bronze at Purple Belt Middle

Roberto Torralbas took Bronze at Purple Belt Middle

The Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team did not take a summer vacation and continues to compete all over the world. It was back to Rio de Janeiro for Crazy 88’s Tye Ryan Murphy and Third Law BJJ’s Roberto Torralbas as they would enter the IBJJF’s Rio International Open, a 4-day tournament for <30 years olds,  which runs concurrently with the International Masters and Seniors.

Tye Ryan Murphy started things off with a choke from the back after racking up 10-0 against his opponent from BTT (unconsciousness ensued).  He then choked his second opponent unconscious with a choke from the front headlock position.  In the quarterfinals, he faced eventual division winner, Luiz Fernado from Gracie Barra PE in Northeast Brazil and lost 2-0 (2-3) with some controversy.  Apparently the scoreboard was not being updated and it read 0-0 (2-3) *Tye winning by one advantage* until the whistle blew in which case it was discovered that it was 2-0.  During the match, Tye also had a sweep back so there was a lot of confusion over whether it was 0-0 (scoreboard) or 2-2 (mental count).  Either way, a good showing by Tye.  All part of the process for the 2011 World Championships!

Look for a longer writeup to be posted on our blog from Tye upon his return to the USA.

Roberto Torralbas won his first Jiu Jitsu match 8-0 with 4 takedowns (!) and then took the back to defeat his quarterfinals opponent 4-0.  In the semifinals, he faced Francisco Iturralde (Alliance) who had footlocked his first two opponents.  Unfortunately, Roberto ended up being the 3rd opponent to fall victim to the grappler from Alliance Ecuador – a “crazy” footlock as Roberto almost took his opponent’s back.  Francisco ended up taking a fourth foot with him and won Gold.  Roberto is icing up his ankle and is looking forward to the Open division tomorrow!

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