US Grappling Junior Championships Results

Trystan Balderston14-15No-Gi Intermediate14  -151st
Brendan Bill9-11No-Gi Intermediate50 -59 lbs1st
Gi Intermediate50 -61 lbs1st
Keven Elliott6-9No-Gi Beginner55 – 64 lbs2nd
Seth Fillers8-10No-Gi Intermediate61 – 73 lbs1st
8-11Gi Intermediate63 – 73 lbs1st
Mason Hollis6-7No-Gi Intermediate51 – 55 lbs1st
Gi Intermediate51 – 55 lbs2nd
Austin Moore14-17No-Gi Beginner129 – 150 lbs3rd
Gi Beginner141 – 156 lbs3rd
Jaron SmithNo-Gi Intermediate129 -139 lbs1st
12-13Gi Intermediate129 -139 lbs1st
Shawn Suser12-14No-Gi Intermediate85 – 89 lbs1st
13-14Gi Intermediate85 – 98 lbs1st
Chris Tran12-14No-Gi Advanced111 – 117 lbs1st
14-17Gi Advanced102 – 114 lbs2nd

** = split division with teammate.
The Kids Martial Arts team was down in Virginia today competing at US Grappling’s Junior Championships. The competition was for children and teens only and offered both Gi and No Gi divisions.  It was also one of the few tournaments that was double-elimination, allowing the competitors to get at least 2 matches per division.

As the results indicate, all the kids fought really well but special recognition has to go out to Chris “Short Round” Tran who stepped up to the Advanced divisions without complaint and grinded out his way to two finals – winning one and losing the other.   Also, Austin “American Idol” Moore got onto the mats and fought hard despite his circumstances; Austin is a former Crazy 88 BJJ student who moved to Texas where he has not been able to do BJJ.  He asked to spend the entire summer training at Crazy 88 and got a full week in before going into the competition.

Great job everyone!

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