2010 Diamond State Games Results

Age Skill Weight Result
Brian Clifton Adult Intermediate Heavyweight (<202 lbs) 2nd
White Belt Heavyweight (<202 lbs) 1st
Rob Hayward 30+ White Belt Super Heavy (<215 lbs) 3rd
Danny Johnson Adult White Belt Featherweight (<149 lbs) 2nd
Travis Outten Adult White Belt Cruiserweight (<162 lbs) 1st
Open 2nd
Eric Palmer Adult Blue Belt Middleweight (<175.5 lbs) 2nd
Frank Schittino 30+ White Belt Middleweight (<175.5 lbs) 2nd

** = split division with teammate.

We had a few Crazy 88 BJJ rookie competitors head up to US Grappling’s Diamond State Games. The event had both Gi and No Gi divisions. Travis Outten was the star of the show, winning his White Belt division and taking 2nd in the Absolute despite being a lightweight. Great job guys.

About Crazy 88

Crazy 88 runs Mixed Martial Arts training centers throughout the Baltimore area. They focus on Combat Sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Wrestling for both Adults and Children, Beginners to Pros.

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