Evan Gideon is 2010 Blue Belt World Champion

Evan GideonAdultBlue BeltMedium Heavy (<194.5 lbs)1st
Brad PearsonAdultPurple BeltHeavy (<207.5 lbs)2nd


Evan “Oz” Gideon was making bold predictions before this tournament and he made sure they came true – winning 10 matches to a single loss. Oz tore through the Medium Heavy division, defeating notables Carsell Swain (Pan Am Bronze medalist) and wrestler Kenny Johnson (Machado JJ) in the early rounds. On the other side, Manual Diaz (Sandro Batata) defeated two very tough grapplers – Pan Am Silver Medalist, Marcus Sosa (Claudio Franca) and 2009 World Medalist, Jason Boivie (Marin MMA). The Championship match was tough but Oz pulled out the victory with a single advantage! You can see the match on our Baltimore Martial Arts fanpage.

Because of his Gold medal, Oz was selected for the Open division. Oz made the most his opportunity and made it to the finals where he lost on advantages to the Super Heavyweight Silver Medalist. On the way, Oz was able to hold off Marcus Sosa, the grappler who had defeated him earler in the Pan Ams, and tie up the series.

Brad “Fred” Pearson was on fire at the Worlds, hitting big takedowns, passing guards, and controlling from the top position and became Crazy 88 BJJ’s first World Purple Belt World Medalist in history with 4 wins and 1 loss. Brad stuck to his strengths, avoided his weak spots, and it showed his results. In the finals, Brad got caught up in a front headlock and ended up losing on a heartbreaking 2-0 score but it was an awesome performance overall.

Tomorrow will be the Purple Belt Open and Brown Belt divisions as well as the first few rounds of the Black Belts.

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