Kids Team Kicks Butt at NAGA World Championships

On Sunday April 11, we took 11 kids to NJ for the NAGA World Championships. This is the largest group of kids we have taken to a competition. With 11 competitors bringing home 15 medals, we definitely proved that the Crazy 88 Kids Martial Arts team was there to win and make it happen.

Majene Boyer placed 2nd in beginner gi and no-gi. She fought a third match in the expert division and though she didn’t pull out a victory in that match, she definitely did an excellent job. Majene has some excellent take-down defense, take-downs and submission ability, not to mention pure love of the sport. Majene is hungry for gold and we expect her to bring it home in her next tournament.

Shawn Suser‘s drive and ground game pushed him through the intermediate gi and no-gi divisions and led him to 1st place finishes in both divisions. He won with a combination of points and submissions. His most notable moment was an arm lock from the guard in no-gi with 40 secs. left in the finals. Shawn will be moving up to the advanced divisions with only one year of training, and he definitely has proven that he is ready for the challenge.

Brendan Bill moved up to the advanced division and did well against his opponents. He was paired up against some tough kids. This was an excellent learning experience for him and we look for him to bring home gold in his next tournament.

Seth Fillers had some tough matches and put on possibly one of his best performances. He brought home 3rd in no-gi and 2nd in gi in the advanced divisions. Seth finished all of his winning matches by dominating in points with the exception of one match where he took his opponent’s back and sunk in a standing rear naked choke and finished once he and his opponent hit the floor. He also hit a text-book standing cement mixer.

Tony Kosack was pumped and ready to go for his first tournament. He definitely made it clear that he was there to win, by taking 1st place in no-gi and 3rd place in gi beginner divisions. He won multiple matches by using good solid take-downs and pressure guard passing.

Lil’ Anthony was competing in novice (no submissions). His division much like Mason’s was one of the largest, with about 25 competitors. He was on top of his game and proved he is ready to compete. Lil’ Anthony ended up bringing home a 2nd place finish in no-gi and a 1st place finish in gi. Solid take-down defense and excellent guard passing combined with great ability to hold position while in mount led him to victory.

Kai “Jersey Shore” Atanasoff had some very tough matches. He fought in the intermediate division in his weight class and did an excellent job. Jersey Shore is ready to get back in the gym and start training and bring back gold medals in his next tournament.

Ethan Ho had an excellent showing in NJ. He pulled out some nice victories. He finished two of his matches 2nd in both beginner divisions. Ethan had an overall excellent showing from take-downs, take-down defense, as well as, taking his opponent’s back in multiple matches.

Amanda Kosack had a great first tournament. She showed phenomenal take-down defense, despite being in the wrong division. She finished 4th in no-gi and 2nd in gi in the novice (no submissions) division. We look forward to taking her back for her 2nd tournament.

Fard Muhammad faced some very tough opponents in the intermediate divisions. His opponents were able to avoid his outstanding sweeps. Fard is one of our most technically advanced fighters in the kids’ classes and we look forward to his next tournament where he will have the opportunity to show off his skills.

Mason Hollis competed in one of the largest divisiions at the tournament, with about 25 competitors. He brought his A-game and was on top most of the day. Mason brought home a silver medal finishing 2nd in no-gi, and 1st in gi. He displayed arm drags to double-leg take downs then taking his opponents back.

Congratulations to all the Kids and Parents who held down the fort on the East Coast while the Adult Competition Team took care of business on the West Coast.  Special thanks to Amanda Fillers for the write-up.

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