Crazy 88 Jiu-Jitsu team invades Houston for the 1st time

Evan GideonAdultBlue BeltMedium Heavy (<194.5 lbs)1st
Tye Ryan MurphyAdultBlue BeltMiddle (<181 lbs)2nd
Alfonso WashingtonAdultWhite BeltUltra Heavy (221+ lbs)2nd


Three Competitors – Four Medals so far for Crazy 88 BJJ Baltimore Jiu-Jitsu Team. 100% Medal Rate for Crazy 88 so far.

Evan “Oz” Gideon dominated his two opponents, finishing his first one off with a triangle and then submitting his second with a bow-and-arrow choke.  Due to a bracketing mix-up, Evan received a bye into the semi-finals but like they say, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”  The final match was especially sweet as it was against an opponent that had beaten Oz 2-0 at the US Nationals last year.  This time, Oz left no doubt as he passed, mounted, and finished his opponent from the back.

In the Open, Evan faced Daniel Robb (Gracie Humaita).  Super close match with a single advantage giving the “W” to Robb.

Tye Ryan Murphy submitted his first opponent via triangle and outpointed the second by 20+ points.  In the quarterfinals, he faced one of Rafael Lovato’s blue belts who had taken 2nd at the American Nationals.   Tye submitted him with a Kimura and then caught the semi-finals adversary with another triangle to enter the finals.  In the finals, Tye was up 5-0 with approximately a minute left but fell prey to a Hail Mary armbar!  A tough learning experience but an easy mistake to fix.

Tye came back hard in the Blue Belt Open battling through some TOUGH early round matches.  He won his Elite Eight match 0-0 (3-2) and then gutted out a win the Final Four.  The score was 2-2 with two advantages for Tye.  Tye’s opponent locked on a tight triangle but Tye held out until the buzzer winning by one advantage!  In the Finals, Tye dismantled his opponent, mounting him and submitting him!  Congrats to Tye Ryan Murphy on a BIG win!

“Big” Al Washington defeated Orlan Lyle (Gracie Barra) by Ezekiel choke and then Edgar Perez (Gracie Barra America) via 9-0.  Final four – Al applies the Kimura to get a ticket to the Finals.  The Championship match was a war; Al gave it everything he had but came up one point short in a 7-6 barnburner!

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