My Experience at the European BJJ Championships by Keith Cebula

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Its been a crazy experience! We left Baltimore on Tuesday. It was a long flight and i didn’t get much sleep. As we were flying over London I saw Big Ben and thought its official, I am in another country for the first time. We didn’t leave for Lisbon for 10 hours so we went out for a while.

London was very interesting. It was similar to New York but all of the buildings and houses looked like something out of Harry Potter. The streets were all very narrow one way streets but cars would go the wrong way in what could only be described as organized chaos. Although it was very crowded and congested it was not that loud. There were no cars beeping or sirens. It was however very cold and wet. We walked around some nice areas, ate and returned to the airport.

After a short delay we were back in the air. The flight to Lisbon was was short but very crowded. Lisbon was a little bit of a culture shock. Its odd to not be able to communicate with anyone… Lisbon is not that different then U.S. Cities. Although they do all drive Mercedes.  After check in I was finally able to get some sleep before the tournament.


Riding around Lisbon

The tournament did not go as planned. I had a first round by. I then won my first fight and was feeling pretty good going into the next round. I was winning half way through and completely melted down. I’m still a little down but am going to make the best of the remainder of the trip. I will still get to see a lot of good Jiu-Jitsu over the next few days.

On Sunday we will be going back to the UK and onto France before returning home next week.

Keith Cebula


At the Restaurant in Lisbon

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