Results: Baltimore BJJ Championships by The Good Fight

Today we sent a few of our Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Columbia Childrens Martial Arts competitors to the local Baltimore grappling tournament run by The Good Fight.  It has been a while since a promoter tried to run a grappling-only competition in the Baltimore area (actually, I don’t know if one has ever tried) but it would certainly be convenient if the tournaments become profitable enough for promoters to consistently run tournaments here.

Seth Fillers, and his sister, Vanessa Fillers, started the day off for Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Seth is one of our best kid grapplers and it showed as he mounted and armbarred his two opponents to take Gold in No Gi and followed it with an Americana and Rear Naked Choke for Gold in Gi.  Today was Vanessa’s first tournament and she fought great but the staff at the event messed up; they allowed Vanessa’s opponent to do submissions and he caught her in an armbar to end the bout – BUT- Vanessa was competing in the Beginner No-Submissions division.  Hopefully the staff at The Good Fight can be more aware of this kind of oversight in the future!

Jon “Devastator” Delbrugge had 4 matches total – all by submission to win Gold in his Purple Belt weight class and Purple Belt Open.

Matthew “Little” Burr won his matches 13-0, DQ (9-0 for Burr before slam), and 11-0 to win his division!

Jermaine “Big Burr” Mathis had two submissions and a points victory for his weight class championship.  He then went on to win the White Belt Open.

Clarence Melton and Kwami Mensah each won a match to close out their division.

“Rodeo” Brian Neal won Gold!  His first match was 14-0, not sure on 2nd.

Lawyer Dave scored 9 points on his first opponent before tapping him with a breadcutter choke and then trounced his finals opponent 12-2.

Age Skill Weight Result
Matthew Burr Adult White Belt <170 lbs 1st
Beginner <168 lbs 2nd
Jon Delbrugge Adult Purple Belt <196 lbs 1st
Open 1st
Charles DimAwng Adult White Belt <183 lbs 1st
Beginner <180 lbs 3rd
Seth Fillers Kids Intermediate Gi <60 lbs 1st
Intermediate No-Gi <60 lbs 1st
Jermaine Mathis Adult White Belt <217 lbs 1st
Open 1st
Clarence Melton Adult Blue Belt <148 lbs 1st**
Kwami Mensah Adult Blue Belt <148 lbs 1st**
Brian Neal Adult Blue Belt <192 lbs 1st
David Zwanetz Adult Blue Belt <135 lbs 1st

** = Split division with teammate; no losses

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