On the Mat Northeast Regionals Day 2

Charles DimAwngAdult?????????
Aungla SangAdultIntermediate???1st

Charles Dim Awng competed for the first time today and placed.  Charles is one of the hardest workers in the room and has been going full bore into his dream of becoming a successful MMA fighter.  He trains as much as he can, including physical conditioning as well as technical classes.  Starting so intensely at such a young age (19), he should have a bright future ahead of him.

Aungla “Ong Bak” Sang misjudged his own grappling skills (going by training time rather than actual skill level) and entered the Intermediate division where he easily submitted all his opponents.  He then competed in the Advanced division where he lost 2-0 in the finals to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

It’s great to Aungla get out there and compete as he is one of our hidden weapons in the training room.  He is an experienced MMA fighter and teaches our Columbia MMA classes as well as some Muay Thai classes.  His last fight was a submission victory over UFC veteran Christopher Price at C3, a Chicago-area promotion.  For religious reasons, he does not compete on Saturday mornings so it is tough for him to get to grappling tournaments so this Sunday competition worked out well.

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