On the Mat Northeast Regional Championships

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Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exploded into 2010 with the competition team being divided and sent to two tournaments. The Northbound squad headed to the OTM Northeast Regional Championship in the Philadelphia area while the Southbound squad drove to the Copa Nova competition to combine forces with Team Lloyd Irvin Camp Springs.

Evan GideonAdultBlue BeltHeavyweight (<202 lbs)1st
Clarence MeltonAdultBlue BeltFeatherweight (<147 lbs)1st
Travis OuttenAdultWhite BeltLightweight (<160 lbs)2nd
David ZwanetzAdultBlue BeltSuper Feather (<134 lbs)1st

Evan Gideon continued his string of victories with 4 submissions (3 chokes from the back and 1 mounted cross-choke) and then a 4-2 war in the finals of the Blue Belt Open division.

Clarence Melton won three hard-fought matches to win his first Blue Belt division.  He won his first match in OT, submitted his second opponent with a breadcutter, and won his final match 4-2 also in OT.  To celebrate his victory, he immediately settled himself off the mat where he vomited repeatedly into his gi (he is very mindful of the maintenance staff).  Clarence has repeatedly placed but always fell short of the top podium spot so this victory was the proverbial “monkey off his back.”

Travis Outten took double silver in his two divisions.  In the weight class, Travis took his first opponent down and passed his guard for a 5-0 win.  In the finals of that division, he went out of his comfort zone and wrestled the match on the feet where he came up short in a 0-4 loss.  In the White Belt Open, Travis got back to business, submitting his first opponent with an inverted triangle from top and finishing his second adversary with an armbar.  This was a ‘nice’ Open division where everyone was within 20 lbs of Travis until the Finals.  Travis fell behind on the scoreboard early but had some strong submission attempts on the big man to close out the time.  Solid performance.

David Zwanetz was able to get two matches actually in his weight class… unfortunately, they were against the same opponent.  Lawyer Dave caught the triangle 30 seconds into the first bout and then locked on another late into the second bout to win the two-out-of-three series.

Crazy 88 also had Eric Palmer and Tom Shrum make their first competition appearances as members of our Baltimore Jujutsu Team.  Both guys fought hard and we are glad to have them getting to work so early in 2010!

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