CopaNOVA BJJ Tournament Results – We Dominate

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Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exploded into 2010 with the competition team being divided and sent to two tournaments. The Northbound squad headed to the OTM Northeast Regional Championship in the Philadelphia area while the Southbound squad drove to the Copa Nova competition to combine forces with Team Lloyd Irvin Camp Springs.

Charles Dim AwngAdultWhite BeltCruiserweight (<180 lbs)3rd
Hernan GuadalupeAdultWhite BeltOpen3rd**
Wade LaurentAdultWhite BeltLight Heavyweight (<195 lbs)1st**
Frank MarinelloAdultBlue BeltHeavyweight (<220 lbs)1st
Brian NealMastersBlue BeltMiddleweight (<180 lbs)2nd
Cathy Tran-ZwanetzAdultBlue BeltClass A (<120 lbs)1st
Alfonso WashingtonAdultWhite BeltSuper Heavyweight (220+ lbs)1st

** = Split division w/ teammate
Results posted as they come in.

Wade “Gracie Barra” Laurent went 4-0 with no points scored against him this weekend.  He bowed out to Big Al in the semis of the Open and split 3rd with Hernan, after taking Gold in his weight class.

Frank Marinello won his blue belt debut with bow-and-arrow choke after an 8-0 lead.

Cathy Tran-Zwanetz won her match in typical Cathy style, passing the guard, mounting, and finishing with an ezekielle choke.

Crazy 88 continues to be the most productive martial arts school in the Baltimore area, producing successful competitor after successful competitor.  It is great to see all the hard work pay off and the results were amazing since many core competition team members were resting or preparing for the European Open!  Let’s keep up the pace and have a record-breaking 2010!

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