150% Medal Rate at Miami International Open 2009

Keith CebulaAdultBlue BeltLight (<167.5 lbs)1st
Tye Ryan MurphyAdultBlue BeltMiddle (<181 lbs)1st

Two Competitors – Three Medals (2 Gold, 1 Silver)

Keith “Trainspotting” Cebula road to Blue Belt Lightweight Gold…

(waiting on details)

Tye Ryan Murphy‘s road to the Blue Belt Middleweight Gold…

First round foot trip to top half guard, passed to side control, north/south to bread cutter

Semis jumped closed guard, cross choke to soften him up, swing arm lock to switch to traingle, finish with full blown triangle and tapped him with paint brush

Finals: opponent jumps guard, I open and smash for an advantage in half. Cross face and switch to brabo cross choke from top of half, he turns to knees as I pass and tries for single, I smash him down and turn him over with knee is chest, pass into side control, then north south then breadcutter finish. Tapped all three guys

In the Open division, Trainspotting won his first match 0-0 (2-1) and then lost 5-2 in the round of 8.  Tye dominated his first round competition 6-0 and submitted his 2nd opponent via breadcutter.  The semi-finals were against the guy who had beaten Trainspotting earlier and Tye was able to avenge his teammates loss with a narrow advantage win to enter the finals.  In the Championship, Timothy Snyder (Alliance) controlled the match and handed Tye the 2nd place medal on points.  Great performance from Tye!

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