Blue Belts Struggle at US Open of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu XIV

Age Skill Weight Result
Tye Ryan Murphy Adult Blue Belt Middle (<181 lbs) 3rd

Tye Ryan Murphy’s first opponent does not make weight.

Tye Ryan Murphy defeats Yuji Okamura (Ralph Gracie Mountain View) on a 2-2 judges decision.

Tye Ryan Murphy wins 2nd match (3rd round) on another judges decision 0-0.

In the Final Four, Tye was up 2-0 against Owen Gould (Gracie Humaita) but fell prey to a clock choke with 30 seconds on the clock! A disappointing ending but at least he qualifies for the Open division later on today and got himself a US Open Bronze medal!

First match of the Open, Tye is victorious 6-0! Second round loss by 7-0 forces Tye out of the Open division.

Joshua Baudour (Claudio Franca) submits David Zwanetz via triangle.

Kwami Mensah loses 4-0 on a last second back take.

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