Delbrugge wins Purple Belt Open at U.S. Open XIV

By October 17, 2009BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, News
Jon DelbruggeAdultPurple BeltMiddle-Heavy (<194.5 lbs)2nd


Crazy 88 was back in the California this weekend, this time in the Bay Area for the US Open – one of America’s longest running BJJ tournaments. In the first match of the weight class, Jon “Devastator” Delbrugge submits James Wright (AKA / Guerilla Jiu Jitsu) with a bow-and-arrow choke after a 7-0 lead.

Jon wins semifinal match also by choke from the back, after racking up 9-0 lead versus Jacob Montalvo (Harlingen Jiu Jitsu).  Into the finals he goes!

Jon takes a Silver at the US Open of BJJ. Great job! Jon lost a 0-0 (4-2) match to Tryfon Stathopoulos (Gracie Humaita) in the finals. Open is coming up!

Jon submits first opponent in the Open via Breadcutter.

Jon enters final of US Open Purple Belt Open division with a 6-0 semi-final victory.  It was a rematch with Tryfon Stathopoulos (Gracie Humaita) from the Middle Heavy finals!   Sweet revenge!  Tryfon had defeated the always tough Nate Mendelsohn (Claudio Franca) in the quarterfinals 4-2.

Jon wins Purple Belt Open.  Scoring 12 points before getting the Breadcutter submission! The 14th US Open of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s Purple Belt Open Gold medal is coming back to Howard County, Maryland!

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