American Nationals – Roberto Repeats as Champion

Jon DelbruggeAdultPurple BeltMiddle-Heavy (<194.5 lbs)2nd
Roberto TorralbasAdultPurple BeltMiddle (<181 lbs)1st


Jon “Devastator” Delbrugge submitted Giacomo Zanini (Saulo Ribeiro) with an armbar in his IBJJF purple belt debut.  He had a very close match with Alex Cristancho (Cesar Gracie); the score was 2-2 points, with 3 advantages and a penalty for Jon and 1 advantage for his opponent.   The ref gave the bout to Jon giving him a berth in the finals vs. Dan Schon.  Schon was Blue Belt world champion in 2008 and Purple Belt world champion in 2009 and it showed as he kept Jon off the board and scored two takedowns to win the Gold 4-0.  A great opportunity for Jon to face one of America’s best grapplers and learn from it.

Roberto cheers after defeating Beneil Dariush in the finals.

Roberto cheers after defeating Beneil Dariush in the finals.

Roberto Torralbas repeated as American Nationals Champion, but this time at Middleweight (he had won it last year at Middle-heavy).  Roberto submitted his first opponent with a choke from the back and then entered the finals with an Ankle pick takedown.  In the finals, Roberto was on fire and submitted his opponent with an armbar halfway through the match.

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