Evan Gideon is Silver medalist at the American Nationals

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American Nationals Evan Gideon 02

American Nationals - Evan Gideon 01

Evan won a tough battle vs. Guilherme Lima (Drysdale BJJ)

Evan GideonAdultBlue BeltMiddle-Heavy (<194.5 lbs)3rd


Evan “Oz” Gideon becomes the first Crazy 88 medalist at the American Nationals. Evan had a tough first bout vs. Carsell Swain (BTT) but secured a late sweep for a 2-0 victory. His second match was another 2-0 squeeker – this time vs. Guilherme Lima (Drysdale BJJ). In the quarterfinals, Evan was able to secure a pass after a sweep to win 5-0. Unfortunately, our teammate was on the losing side of a 2-0 match in the semifinals vs. a tough grappler from Rafael Lovato’s school.

“Oz” was looking forward to a rematch in the Open division; it was not to be however, as the Lovato BJJ team member would lose in a pigtail match to a lighter competitor.  The lighter competitor then faced Evan and was ahead on points before attempting an illegal leglock and getting disqualified.  In a bizarre turn of events, Evan would be ahead on points in the semi-finals before getting disqualified himself (supposedly an illegal leglock).  A crazy open division but a great performance from teammate who will be bringing back two BJJ medals back to Baltimore.

Roberto Torralbas and Jon “Devastator” Delbrugge will be first up tomorrow!

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