East Coast Grappling Championship 5

Team Results

  • Mike Atkin
    • Masters Gi Purple Belt Open – GOLD
    • Adult Gi Purple Belt Cruiserweight (<190 lbs) – GOLD
  • Wayne Johnson
    • Masters Gi Blue Belt Middleweight (<180 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi Blue Belt Middleweight (<180 lbs) – SILVER
  • Josh Plaschkes
    • Adult No-Gi Intermediate Flyweight (<140 lbs) – GOLD
  • Malcolm Vaughan
    • Adult No-Gi Advanced Light Heavyweight (<205 lbs) – GOLD

Mike Atkin, unhappy with his Bronze and Silver medals from the PanAms, was looking for redemption. He started the day off with a 5-0 win in the Masters division. There were only three people, and the defeated competitor went on to dominate the other athlete, so Mike was awarded the Gold. He then jumped into the Adult division with opponents who could be up to 35 years younger than him. There he faced Brandon Powell from BJJ Revolution and dominated him 9-0. Mike controlled the grips standing up, and used his superior conditioning to wear his opponent down. Mike’s first points were off a hard-fought pass mid-match but you could see how much easier the following passes were. Congratulations to Mike who apparently is not “too old for this sh*t” despite what he says!

Wayne “Emo” Johnson made an impressive Blue Belt division debut, warming up with a submission in the finals of the Masters. Wayne racked up 11 points before tapping his nemesis with a Monson choke. In the Adult division, Wayne earned his second submission of the day, a cross-choke from side mount. It looked like it would be a tough match at the start, with a few exciting scrambles off takedowns, but Wayne eventually got to his positions, passed, and submitted. In the finals, Wayne faced a tough wrestler from Pedro Sauer’s. The wrestler earned an advantage off a near-pass and Wayne gained one of his own with a near-sweep. The match ended 0-0 (1-1). Unfortunately, the wrestler received the Judge’s decision. It was strong showing for the 4-day Blue belt.

Julius Park won his only match in the Open, with a Kimura. In his weight class, there was no one to fight…

Josh Plaschkes returned to mats, dominating his No-Gi opponents on points before submitting both of them. In the gi, Josh won his 1st match 4-0 after earning 6 advantages for near-submissions. He lost 0-2 off a last-minute takedown in the next round. It was great to see Josh back on the mats following his operation. We wish him the best of luck as he finishes up his Freshman year at College Park.

Malcolm Vaughan won his first No-Gi Advanced division with a 100% submission rate. Malcolm was set to defend his Blue Belt Open division title but injured his knee in his first gi match. He was facing the Silver Medalist from the last Blue Belt Open but still managed to hold the score to a single advantage. Sadly, Vaughan was forced to drop out of the Open.

Team Lloyd Irvin again proves itself as the #1 Competition Team with Mike Easton winning the Brown Belt Invitational, Danny Ives winning the Brown Belt Open, and Shin Kim winning the Purple Belt Open.

Special recognition goes out to Jackie, Jimmy “Choo”, Amos Tang, and Rich Silva who all competed for the 1st time this weekend. The first step to becoming a Champion is getting out there!

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