2007 NAGA World Championships

Team Results

  • Mike Florey
    • Adult No-Gi Intermediate Light Heavyweight (<190 lbs) – BRONZE
  • Wayne Johnson
    • Adult Gi White Belt Welterweight (<170 lbs) – SILVER
    • Masters No-Gi Intermediate Welterweight (<170 lbs) – SILVER
  • Julius Park
    • Adult Gi Purple Belt Middleweight (175 lbs) – GOLD
  • Malcolm Vaughan
    • Adult No-Gi Expert Cruiserweight (<200 lbs) – 4th
    • Adult Gi Blue Belt Cruiserweight (<200 lbs) – GOLD


“Bottom Game maintained his 100% finish rate, submitting 3 people in the Intermediate division (armbar, armbar, Kimura) on his way to the Medal round. In the semi-finals, his opponent caught him with a tight brabo and earned the tap. Our teammate came back to armlock his consolations opponent in under a minute to take the Bronze. Bottom Game has been traiining since April 6th of last year – the fact that he is finishing grapplers in a division earmarked for competitors with 2-5 years experience is a great accomplishment for him and a phenomenal testament to the Jiu-Jitsu program.

Unfortunately, Bottom Game would miss his White Belt division (he was still competing in the No-Gi when it began) and was forced to bump up to a higher weight class. There, he lost a close match on points.

Wayne Johnson finally got a chance to face some blue belts in competition. He entered the Masters Gi division where he faced the Winner of the Masters Intermediate No-Gi. Wayne dominated his opponent with his heavy passing game and won a 6-0 points victory.The finals was a back-and-forth contest with another Blue belt but this time Wayne would come out on the losing end, 0-4.

Wayne maintained the tradition of being the last competitor to compete at every tournament by making the Finals of the Adult White Belt division. It was a huge bracket and after FOUR matches, Wayne was again in the Finals as the mats were being taken up around him. His opponent earned 4 points off takedowns; Wayne pushed hard to even up the score but would have to settle for another Silver.

Julius Park won three matches to win another Purple Belt division. After a points victory in the quarterfinals, he quickly submitted his next two opponents for First place.

Malcolm Vaughan had three matches in each of his divisions. In the Expert division, Malcolm defeated a Ground Control Purple belt off a a late 1/2-guard sweep. In the semi-finals, he lost 0-4 in a fast-paced match to Matt Riddle from Russell JJ. Good match!

In the Gi division, Vaughan submitted his first two opponents with triangles to earn a bearth in the Championship. His opponent was a strong Top player from Link BJJ (Gonzaga’s school in Massachusetts). It was a close bout with Malcolm earning two advantages for near submissions and his opponent picking one up himself for a near pass. Despite some post-match bickering between the referee and the other coach, Malcolm got his hand raised and the Gold.

Congrats to Malcolm, Wayne, and Bottom Game who join Josh Plaschkes and Jason Hanfman as individuals who have beaten Upper Belt competitors. I am very happy with the results we have been getting, especially with everyone fighting above their experience level.

Remember, next weekend is the Richmond Tournament!

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