2007 Pan-American Results

Team Results

  • Mike Atkin
    • Senior 3 Gi¬†Purple Belt Medium Heavy (194.5 lbs) – SILVER
    • Senior 3 Gi Purple Belt Open – BRONZE
  • Medora¬†Macie
    • Adult Gi White Gi Medium Heavy (152+ lbs) – SILVER

100% Medal Rate per Competitor (2 matches average)

Mike Atkin started things off with a dominating victory over James Ortiz of Renzo Gracie. Mike was able to apply his immense top pressure to pass Ortiz’ guard. He secured a Kimura from North-South as time ran out. In the finals, Mike came up short versus Brant Perkins of Maine JJ. Perkins had a good butterfly guard and was able to keep Mike from passing. About the middle of the match, Perkins hit a sweep – Mike bounced up immediately but was now down two points. He pushed hard to pass but was unable to and had to settle for a Silver.

Mike then entered the open where he would lose 4-0 to Bernard Weinstock of Paragon BJJ. Weinstock stuck him with the same 1/2-guard sweeps that have distinguished Paragon over the years.

Wayne Johnson suffered a disappointing first round loss to a competitor from Rickson’s. Wayne was perhaps the most-prepared competitor from the team heading out to California and was looking tough in practice. In the match, Wayne pushed the action from the start, fighting hard for his grips and working his takedowns. His opponent kept backing up and fighting off Wayne’s grips but not securing any of his own. During one of the exchanges, he shot a power double – Wayne rolled him right over with a butterfly guard sweep but they landed out of bounds. The referee scored it 2-0 for Wayne’s opponent despite Wayne ending up in the top position. Knowing he was ahead, Wayne’s opponent disengaged and ran down the clock. Despite the result, it was a great experience for Wayne who has been tearing up the tournament scene locally but had yet to see international competition until this weekend. Look for big things from him in the coming year.

Medora Macie netted a Silver medal in her FIRST competition. Medora’s first opponent jumped guard, allowing the 88BJJ competitor to pass. In the finals, she faced Elaina Maxwell from USH Fight Team. The match began with some hard gripping and attempted takedowns. Eventually, Maxwell managed to snap Medora down and spin around to her back. From there, she secured the hooks and eventually worked in a choke. Congrats to Medora on a strong debut!

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