NAGA NAGC 2006 Results

By November 4, 2006BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, News
  • Scott Miller
    • Teens No-Gi┬áBeginner – SILVER
    • Teens No-Gi Expert – BRONZE
    • Teens Gi White Belt – BRONZE
  • Sean Miller
    • Kids No-Gi Intermediate Lightweight (<99┬álbs) – SILVER
  • Stephen Miller
    • Kids No-Gi Beginner Lightweight (<59 lbs) – SILVER

“Little” Scott placed in three divisions despite fighting in all three AT THE SAME TIME. He fought in five consecutive matches with only a single 30-second break. In the Teens No-Gi Beginner, he won his first match 7-4 but would lose a 0-0 match in the finals. He then put his gi on and defeated his 1st opponent 2-0 before coming up short on points. After jumping into a 3rd division without rest, Scott was awarded an additional 1st place award for his valiant effort and toughness! .

Sean is a 13 year-old who has been grappling with the family. He bumped up a weight class to get matches and still took care of two other kids – finishing the first in 8 seconds with an arm triangle and the second with a guillotine. In the championship bout, he fought hard, losing by only 2 points in an action-packed match (score was 16-14)!

After an impromptu lesson in submissions from big brother, Stephen decided to compete despite having no experience. It must’ve been a good lesson because he tapped his first two opponents!


The entire Miller clan

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