200% Medal Rate Per Competitor in VA Beach

Team Results

  • Mike Florey
    • Adult No-Gi Novice Middleweight (<185 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Medium Heavyweight (<187 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Open – SILVER
  • Wayne Johnson
    • Adult No-Gi Novice Middleweight (<185 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Middleweight (<174 lbs) – GOLD
  • Phil Thorn
    • Adult No-Gi Novice Heavyweight (186+ lbs) – GOLD
  • Malcolm Vaughan
    • Adult Gi Blue Belt Light Heavyweight (<200 lbs) – SILVER
    • Adult Gi Blue Belt Open – SILVER



200% Medal Rate per Competitor (5.25 matches average)

Bottom Game aka “Michael Florey” built off his strong showing in Richmond with an even more impressive performance. In his weight class, Bottom Game quickly finished off his two opponents to win the division; one with his trademark Florey-Choke and the other with an armbar. In the White Belt Open, he submitted another three grapplers (Florey-Choke, footlock, and armbar) before losing on points in the finals. Wanting more experience, he jumped into the no-gi division. There he secured a Kimura and an armbar before meeting teammate Wayne Johnson in the finals. He ended the day with seven wins (seven finishes) and eight matches. In his three tournaments, he has displayed a 100% submission rate in his victories.

Wayne Johnson gave a perfect performance: two Golds, two divisions, no points scored against. After an early warmup match (5-0), Wayne turned up the heat. He scored seven points before choking his 2nd opponent out. In the finals, he threw his adversary, passed, and then utilized a cross-choke to take 1st place.

In the no-gi, Wayne once again took his opponent down and passed before tapping him out with the Monson choke. He then split the division with Bottom Game. Wayne will be undergoing a minor surgery at the end of the month and we will miss his intensity in the room during his recovery.

Phil Thorn proved that it is a good idea that we clear the mats when he trains. He used his wrestling and strong submission skills to win the Heavyweight division. Exhibiting his effective blend of brutality and technique, Big Phil finished his first two opponents and then outpointed his last. It was good to see Big Phil back in action after a short hiatus!

Malcolm Vaughan had his toughest tournament ever. You never know how a competitor will react to pressure when things are not going his way: some simply quit, others enter survival mode, and others tough it out but you never know until it actually happens. Although he has amassed a string of victories, Malcolm has had a relatively easy road of it so far. This time was different though.

It was one of those days when you just aren’t grappling well – for whatever reason, your timing and conditioning are off. Malcolm had to battle for every point and every advantage and didn’t seem to have his usual “flow.” Despite his fatigue, he still managed to win four tough matches, including a few last-minute come-from-behind wins, to earn 2nd place in both the weight class and the Open division.

As a coach, this was an extremely telling competition because I could see how Malcolm would grapple at his worst – and it wasn’t too bad. The matches weren’t pretty but Malcolm proved that he has no quit in him and that he isn’t afraid of a little pain and disfigurement (he got a nice black eye haha!).

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