Josh Defeats 2 Blue Belts at Battle at the Beach

Battle at the Beach 2006

Team Results

  • Mike Atkin
    • Executive No-Gi Advanced Open – GOLD
    • Directors Gi Advanced¬†Open – GOLD
    • Executive Gi Advanced Open – GOLD
  • Wayne Johnson
    • Adult Gi White Belt Middleweight (<180 lbs) – SILVER
  • Josh Plaschkes
    • Adult No-Gi Beginner Flyweight (<140 lbs) – GOLD
    • Adult Gi White Belt Flyweight (<140 lbs) – BRONZE
  • Malcolm Vaughan
    • Adult Gi White Belt Cruiserweight (<200 lbs) – GOLD
  • Don Walter
    • Adult Gi White Belt Welterweight (<170 lbs) – 4th



Mike destroyed his opposition. The Battle at the Beach was Mike’s warmup tournament for the International Masters & Seniors at the end of the month. Everything that Mike is planning on doing in Rio was to be tested here and IT WORKED! Mike introduced his opponents to his “Mike-seio” and even jumped guard, showcasing his 1/2-guard to the competition (he’s used it enough in class for it to be moved into his Competition Gameplan). Mike had five fights divided among three divisions and ended the day with a 45-0 combined score and with dominant victories over two purple belts. Mike will be in class on Tuesday training even harder for his first World medal.

Wayne made his long-awaited return to competition and built upon his strong performance in April when he won two divisions with less than a month of training. In the no-gi division, Wayne controlled his first opponent, passing, and mounting for the win. He then defeated his 2nd opponent with a takedown. In the quarterfinals, Wayne would get reversed and armlocked out-of-bounds. This was his first loss and it fired him up for the gi division!

Wayne took down his first opponent with the gi and then passed for a 5-0 victory in the round of 16. Continuing on the road to the finals, he finished the next two grapplers with an ezekielle and then a breadcutter choke. Unfortunately for Wayne, he received a fluke injury in the semi-finals, tearing all the skin off the side of his toe (no idea how this happened). He taped the flap of skin to the side and went into the finals even as the referee asked him if he wanted to continue. Wayne jumped passed his opponent’s guard rather quickly but was unable to secure side-mount because of his foot. Wayne would lose in the finals but who knows what would have happened if he was able to use his foot.

Joe Killo made his tournament debut, competing in three divisions. He started the day off in the Intermediate no-gi division, racking up 8 points before armbarring his first opponent. He then faced Cornell D1 Wrestler, John Cholish. This was a standup battle with both guys hitting high-amplitude throws and takedowns. Cholish came out on top 6-2 and went on to win the division. Joe was the only person to score on him that day. In the beginner no-gi, Killo choked his adversary out and then scored six points to win his next bout. He would lose a points match in the quarterfinals to the eventual division winner.

Despite coming from a predominantly no-gi background, Joe strapped the white belt on and hopped into the gi division. He lost a 0-0 match on an advantage. This was an excellent first tournament for Joe. He won dominantly in his victories and lost close point matches in his defeats. Now that he knows what to expect and with a bit of experience, Joe Killo will produce great results for 88 BJJ in future competitions.

Josh finally got that 1st place that he has been hunting for. He won FIVE matches to win the beginner no-gi, taking out two blue belts along the way (Josh is a 6-month white belt with no wrestling experience). He exhibited new-and-improved takedowns and great submission defense. With the gi, Josh was upset in the semi-finals, losing on an advantage; his opponent locked a triangle on but Josh is damn near impossible to submit and managed to escape. Unfortunately, Josh could not get the advantage back. He stormed back for a 5-0 in the consolation round to medal. Josh is one of the hardest workers in the room and it is starting to pay off. We wish him luck as he heads back to College Park for the Fall Semester!

Malcolm jumped up to the Intermediate division, recommended for grapplers with 2-5 years of training, despite having only a year’s training. He submitted his first opponent with a Kimura from top of 1/2-guard after racking up a string of points. His second opponent was a very composed individual. Malcolm was able to get underneath him for his sweeps but his adversary had excellent balance. The match went on with Malcolm attempting to unbalance the top man, and the top man remaining composed and countering his motions. Finally, in a slight scramble, the top man took advantage of a slight misplacement and managed to lock on a tight brabo choke. Malcolm fought hard but had to tap.

As we expected, Malcolm brought home another GOLD in the gi division. This guy is a submission machine and finished off his first three opponents (Breadcutter, Armbar, Triangle) before meeting his rival, Bobby Rassuli in the finals. Rassuli had racked up quite a resume since their last meeting including an Intermediate Open division victory. These two have had quite a series and every match has been a war so we didn’t expect anything different this time around. Rassuli jumped closed guard and began working his dangerous attacks. On an armbar attempt, the 88 BJJ fighter managed to pass. The match would end 5-0 in Malcolm’s favor. Malcolm has missed only two classes since the school opened over a year ago and you can see the dedication in his competitive results.

Brennan Walter aka “Billy Lee” entered the no-gi beginner division, winning his first match via points, and then quickly triangling his second. The next match in the quarterfinals would be very controversial – Brennan swept his opponent in regulation but fell prey to the notorious NAGA refereeing. Despite the protest from the corner, the referee would not award points claiming that a sweep required use of the legs. The match entered OT where in a random scramble, Brennan received a rib injury and lost via injury default. After the match, the referee consulted with the other officials and then admitted that he had made an error in scoring. Unfortunately the damage had already been done and Brennan was out of the competition.

Don Walter aka “Jimmy Lee” looked good as he placed in the white belt division. He faced a grappler from Matt Serra’s gym in the first round. Don fell back on points early but battled back to finish his opponent with a triangle choke. He then used his trademark UmaPlata sweep to win his 2nd match 2-0. In the quarterfinals, he submitted another opponent with another triangle. However, he came up just a bit short in the semis and consolations and had to settle for 4th.

Overall, 88 BJJ had a tremendous performance, ending the day with a 32-11 record (6.1 matches per competitor average) and a 100% medal rate. Most of our students are competing ABOVE their experience level, in both gi and no-gi, not to mention that we were missing quite a few of our big guns. To get those kind of results while missing Amie, Roberto, Rob Prall, and Julius, is a testament to the growing strength of the team. Whether you are just training hard in class, coming to support the team, or out on the mat competing, you are all responsible in part for the team’s success and we thank you.

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