Amie is WORLD Silver Medalist!

By July 26, 2006 February 23rd, 2018 BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, News

Amie Turton’s Results

  • Adult Gi Blue Belt Pluma (<118 lbs) – SILVER

Amie Turton defeated Davina Maciel (Carioca Team), last weeks World Cup winner, in the 1st round 4-0. This was a big mental jump for Amie as Maciel had defeated her in last week’s final. Amie then faced a tough girl from Sao Paulo in the semi-finals. Amie handily defeated her 6-0 by taking her back and sweeping her. In the finals, Amie’s opponent scored an early advantage and held Amie down from the top of 1/2-guard to win a 0-0 victory.

A frustrating final match but Amie still brought back a World Championship Medal!

Amie Turton World Silver Medalist

Amie Turton World Silver Medalist

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